Why Read to Your Children At Bedtime?

A person might wonder – why read to your children at bedtime? Well, there might not be someone making you do it, but your children will certainly gain some benefit.

Instilling a Love of Literature


Children don’t magically discover that books can be fun. They need to be shown how a storybook can transport them to a magical place in their mind. They might not be that motivated to pick up a book and start to read themselves. They might rather play video games until you shut off the Xbox. So, instead, make it a treat for them to read at night. You will help them develop an appreciation for print.


Better Sleep


Blue light emitted from TV’s, laptops, and phones are bad for a children’s sleeping patterns. They are actually not healthy for adults either. But unlike adults, children have little choice in having to get up early for school. You don’t want to have cranky, tired children on your hands that are sent off to learn. The poor children cannot even have a cup of coffee to wake up. So save them the trouble of poor sleep and make sure their last hour of wakefulness each night is not full of blue light.




You get so few hours with your children as it is. It seems the demands of the world just pull on you and you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. The last thing you want to worry about is if your children are feeling neglected. So make sure you incorporate them into your world. Sit them down at night and read to them. Don’t cut out this time even when it gets busy. Your children will grow up feeling a lot better about themselves that someone cared enough to read with them every night.


Improved Intellect


Children don’t get the same attention from teachers these days. The classrooms are more crowded. Also, teachers might not be as caring as they used to be. There are more serious problems these days than worrying if children are performing to their maximum potential. They could be too busy worrying that their kids are disruptive or about issues of abuse in children’s homes. There are not enough social workers in classrooms to go around either. So, you will need to make sure that your children are not just being passed through the system. Periodically, you should let them read a page or two to see if they are absorbing the words. And make sure they are not just memorizing by switching the books up.


Better Routines


Routines are very important to children. Most parents discover early on that routines should not be disrupted. So, if you set this as part of the routine, then children will learn to anticipate bedtime. They will not try to push the rituals around because they will be used to the way that things go every night. They don’t have the excuse that their favorite program is an hour later than usual because they will not be watching the TV until bed.

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